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Hi my name is Vivian Apostolova. My fiance, Brian and I are so excited to welcome you to check out Desert Vine Co. We are a new growing company based in Southern California. We came up with the idea of Desert Vine in 2016 while spending time at my fiance's ranch. We came across all the grapevine and loved how all of the pieces had unique shapes and sizes. 

We then thought of how beautiful the grapevine would look if it was sandblasted, and used as accent pieces. We brought a piece home and set it on our glass top coffee table surrounded by some fresh flowers and it immediately gave the room more character. 

After loving the idea of using grapevine as decorative pieces we thought about how beautiful furniture would look like built with them. We are currently using some of our large grapevine pieces to build furniture such as: coffee tables, console tables and dinning room tables. The furniture section should be available end of Fall of 2018.

Trying to start this company took a lot of effort and patience. We are beyond excited to have finally launched this website and we hope you share the same passion about this beautiful all-natural grapevine wood as we do. We are going to do our best to answer your questions if any, and to provide you with the best customer service. 

We'd love for you to either email us photos of how you staged your grapevine or tag us on social media so we can fulfill this website with photos and ideas even more. 

A day at the ranch

We are indeed a family business. My fiance and I are the creators of Desert Vine Co.

The rest of the team members are the people responsible for sandblasting the grapevine and taking care of it. The process of picking our grapevine is by going to the family ranch and choosing the most interesting and different shapes and sizes of grapevine before they get sandblasted. Their original form consists of bark, as pictured in the photo below. 


Since their shape consists of a lot of edges the whole process of sandblasting may take up to a couple of days. After the grapevine is ready, it gets cleaned and sanitized. 

The ranch is located in the beautiful Coachella Valley.

However Desert Vine Company's whereabouts are located in Newport Beach, California.

Our mailing address is:

3301 Michelson Drive #3418
Irvine, CA 92612

The whole team works closely to find the most unique shapes of grapevine displays 
for our customers while providing a great customer service experience. 

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Owners | Vivian Apostolova & Brian Maldonado 

Phone: +1 (310) 880-9561