Grapevine care

Grapevine Sizes

Grapevine is a very unique type of wood.
As much as we love to give you specific measurements of each piece, it is almost impossible due to its nature. Each piece has different shape and size, and it can be moved around and placed in multiple ways. Measurements vary.
To make it easy for you we have categorized our grapevine into small, medium and large sections with estimated length measurements. 

However if you decide that the grapevine piece is not the right size for where you want it, we are happy to take it back within 30 days of your purchase. We know it is sometimes difficult to picture exactly how a specific piece might look like wherever you decide to place it, so we have included some of our grapevine staged in different areas to give you an idea. If you are still not sure, we are happy to help you out!!!

Email us your name and a photo of where you'd like the grapevine to be placed at. We would gladly look through our inventory and help you find the right one by sending you an email that includes a link of the grapevine piece we think would look best.

Grapevine care
Our grapevine displays can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
Too much exposure to rain or sunlight will whiten out the grapevine's color over time. After all it is an all-natural wood and it is best to be kept in a dry or shaded space to preserve its color.
Is there anything done to affect the wood's shape? 
There is nothing done to effect the grapevine's shape. Sandblasting the grapevine only removes the bark and smoothness it out. The grapevine is being sandblasted with river sand. The shape and color are all natural. 
All photos are an actual representation of each specific product.